The Proposal

Ladies first – Alysia’s side of the story:

.      Looking back on it, I should have seen it coming. He wanted to go see Frozen. Then he wanted to “go do something,” acting like he was getting stir-crazy because we’d taken some PTO and were just lazying around for a few days. So we decided to go out to eat and then stop by our favorite wine bar.
.       Let me add here that our car needed a new rack&pinion and was leaking power steering fluid and started making horrible noises and smoke if we didn’t add more fluid every few days. So I suggested maybe we stay home and he basically told me no freakin’ way. He’d also been super agreeable for the entire time off. I just figured he was happy to not be at work. I would make a poor detective.
.       Anyway, so, I should have seen it coming. But I didn’t. We were sitting there, finishing up some wine, and he asks me, “So, when did you realize you had me?” A fun question, since it took us over a year of casually dating before going official, and then almost 2 more were spent long-distance before moving in together because he graduated college before me. The conversation drifted on, and I suppose away from where he’d probably anticipated.
.      After a minute of being quiet while I perused the menu for my next glass of wine, he asked, “Want to know when I knew I had you?” And I laughed, because he had me from the start – it was always me chasing him. But, to see what he’d say, I asked him when. And he said, “Right now.” dropped to his knee, and opened a small box.
.     All I saw was a brief, bright sparkle, but of course I knew what it was. My hands went to my face, and my face went to my lap, and I was laughing, and then I was crying, and I have no words to describe how I was feeling, but while I was trying to figure it out, he tapped me on the shoulder and informed me that I still hadn’t answered him. So I forced myself to say yes, even though I didn’t think it would physically come out. And I frantically wiped tears that were still coming, hoping no one saw, and let him put the ring on me.
.      I think I said something stupid, like, “Everyone’s going to think you just dumped me, because I can’t stop crying.” And he just kept laughing. He was very impressed with himself –I heard him tell his mom the next day that he’d never seen anyone go from normal conversation to crying that instantaneously before. 😛
.      So, that’s the story. On the night of December 30th, after 8 years and 8 months together, he proposed. We’ll get married on our 10 year anniversary.

Al’s Turn:


I wouldn’t say its fear of commitment as much as reluctance to change, but after thinking it over for quite a while, I told my parents and some friends and then proposed. Over the course of near a decade, a one picks up on quite a few “don’t you ever” requirements that the other may mention. “Don’t propose at dinner”, “Don’t propose in front of people”, “Dont do it from the stage of a Renaissance Faire”. :p It’s not that she nagged me about it, but over time these things tend to come up. I wanted to do something exciting but didn’t want to embarrass her, but most importantly, I wanted to surprise her.  It took me longer than I expected to get the ring, so Christmas was out, (the one time of year she had mentioned wanting to be engaged) and I thought for sure she would expect it on our Anniversary, so I did lots of rushing to get everything ready. We were spending NYE with our friends (who already knew) so I had one day to make it happen. To try and throw her off the scent, I told her to come up with something to do, figuring if I threw enough hints about wine, she’d eventually mention our favorite wine bar that we haven’t been too in a year or so. She did, I agreed, and Alysia pretty much told you the rest. The car about dying on the way to pop the question didn’t add much to the romance, but I got exactly the reaction I wanted and it made it all worth it.